Sunday, August 31, 2008

Finished Projects

Ces's Spine Pillow
The child is just so spiney she says it hurts to sit in her school chair.
A Spine Pillow to the rescue.

Worked with Rowan Big Wool, 1 skein each of black and hot pink.
Size 13 needles
Cable Scarf Pattern from Tahki
Folded in two (one side pink-one side black), stitched together, stuffed, attached button and loop to attach to chair.
Fun to do, because I know it was for the "Green Bean Girl"!

Eliese's Beanie
Eliese requested this at the cottage, she saw one at the Art/Craft Fair and her mom told her I could probably knit one for her.
Worked in Malabrigo Moss/Marine
Size 8 Needles
Pattern: KnitSmiple Magazine Fall 2008
Fast, Easy, Fun Knit!
The girls stopped on their way to dinner at the grandparents yesterday.
Grammy said that Cesiley had to have her pillow attached to her dinner chair and Eliese never took her beanie off.
I guess they were a hit.

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Em! said...

How cute! I am glad her back will not hurt at school. To funny!