Sunday, August 17, 2008

While the Rest of Us Have Fun...

Dan usually has a project to complete while at the cottage. This year it entailed steps down to the dock. Not only was the truck filled with lumber but so was my car!

First Step - get truck and car as close to hill, those beam(steps) were heavy! And yes, I helped to unload them. Dan, who reminds me often that he gets paid to think, devised a way to carry the beams down the hill. Sleds! We were able to load 2 kids sleds with 5 to 6 beams and send them on their way. Dan got so good at aiming most ended up where he needed them.

Second Step - he then placed them approximately where they would end up. I did not want a straight line, I wanted to follow the path that had been worn in the hill.

Third Step - the digging and placing begins.

Fourth Step-Lets walk them 100 times to make sure the rise is correct.

Fifth Step - after securing with rebar and back filling the steps are complete and perfect enough for a "big Brother" piggyback ride!

We are all very thankful for the new steps, but it would have been nice to spend "family" time with Dan.

While he was busy working on this project for 3 days we were all doing this....

Oh well, the choices we all make!

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