Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lucky Cows

Lake Michigan viewed from Wisconsin

Several weeks ago, we had to make a last minute trip to Wisconsin.
I actually closed the shoppe for 1 day in the middle of the week, in the middle of summer! Gasp! Unheard of!
Well...it was prompted only due to the fact Dan offered to drive his Father over for a funeral.

I was able to visit a dear friend, her husband, and her two adorable new puppies.

Nothing sweeter than bare puppy bellies.okay, 2 bare puppy bellies!
It was great, for it has been close to 2 years since I have seen her. They recently relocated from Washington DC, to the land of the Big Woods (reference to Laura Ingalls Wilder). It just so happens where they now reside is only 20 minutes from Dan's Father's hometown. It is such a small, small world.

On our 8 hour drive, we decided to get off the highway and see what "Our Lake" looks like from the west side.
I must say it was spectacular, what I loved most was the lack of development, there were cottages, and I mean cottages not McMansions. I wanted to move right in to several of them.
They all had the look and charm of being generational. You could imagine all the tales those little stone cottages could reveal. Would have taken photos, but am somewhat hesitant about invading others privacy.

But the kicker on the whole experience....

See Lake Michigan in the distance...Lucky Cows...They didn't know what
to think of me.
These dairy cows live, graze, eat all while enjoying breathtaking views of the Lake!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

For my Friend

Oh my, remember the Tuesday nights we used to spend at this Mexican eatery?
Oh my, remember the amount of Margaritas we consumed?

It has been years, years I say, my friend since I enjoyed this tart, slushiness.

The first sip brought back so many memories of being young(er), hot summer days and nights, laughing hysterically and good, good friendships.

I drove Dan crazy waxing nostalgic.
Wish you could have been there.

yep, that's how I left it, bone dry!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Annie Modesitt

Earlier this year I found out that Annie Modesitt would be teaching this last weekend in Ludington. I desperately wanted to attend, but with the upheaval of employees leaving me short handed this summer didn't think I could commit.
Then at the last minute we made a quick trip to the cottage.(just a few miles from Ludington)
As we were approaching the exit I mentioned to Dan about the classes at Nautical Yarn and how I wished I could go.
As we pulled off the exit, instead of turning to the cottage, Dan headed to Ludington.
To make a long story, short...I popped into Nautical Yarn, they had 1 spot available for that evenings class and I took it!

It was wonderful!
Annie is witty, saucy and a great inspiration. I love a class that gets me excited about knitting. If you are unaware of Annie's techniques, she knits in combination style, which is a blending of western and eastern style. It makes for a very uniform knit.

The class was great, over too quick, tho I don't imagine she could keep up the banter more than 3 hours.

That evening, I casted on Wendy Bernards Yogini Bolero and am knitting in combination style.

All and all a wonderful weekend, knitting class with one of my favorite designers, a new pattern from another, and knitting on the dock at my favorite place.

where did that double chin come from?
oh well, the knitting buzz continues!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Bowl of Cherries Anyone?

Cherry Season began last week, my number 1 employee Meg belongs to a local farming family and it has been her job since age 15 to run the Cherry Pad. For 3 years I have quizzed her relentlessly on what exactly is the Cherry Pad. After a particularly long quizzing she said just stop by on your way in tomorrow. The child begins her day at 5am, and works for me from 12n - 7p.
Let it not be said that all young adults have no work ethic!

The above photo shows all the metal bin boxes she moves and fills with clean cold water. The bins are then transported to the orchard. Brought back full of just shaken cherries.

This show the what the bins look like straight from the orchard.

Then as Meg continues to flush the tanks, beautiful jewel like cherries appear. You can't help but scoop some up.
These cherries then make their way to market.

So we all can enjoy this!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Mallory's Fingerless Gloves

I had made a pair of "fetching" gloves for Mallory last fall. She has requested several more pairs, but also wanted a pair of actual gloves.

She requested a long cuff and fingers with just the tips off.

Here they are...Happy Birthday Mal Paige!

and thanks Meggie for another great modeling job!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Dan, Dan the Gardening Man

Dan...what is he good for?

Growing wonderful produce...he pulled the 1st Walla Walla from the garden this last weekend.

I promptly whipped it up into this delicious stir fry.

Because, you know that's what I am good for!

Can you say "fresh beer batterd onion rings" YUM!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Ribbed Lace Bolero

First Summer Knitting Project Completed.
I may actually wear this, it helps to hide my "gramma arms" !!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Frightful Skies Last Night

This was the sky last night as I was driving down I94 Eastbound at 630ish last night. The sky was so incredible that I rummaged around my bag for the trusty camera and snapped these at 70mph.

Needless to say shortly thereafter these skies opened up and dumped on us.

I love Thunderstorms!
Wish Toulouse felt the same she spent the night glued to my leg under a blanket shivering!
"I am not a wus...I just prefer bright sunny days"