Monday, May 26, 2008

Ian Be-In has left a Trail

Ian, aka Milkweed loves to visit us at the shoppe. A week or so ago he came with many matchbook type cars in tow. He stayed, he played, he snuggled, he even took a little nap on the birdseed bags. We all had a great time.

Several days later while potting up a custom container for a customer. We found this buried in the Geranium. Ian loves to place his cars in the plants, he says they need a home.

We found several more over the next few days. We will return them as we find them - one by one.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Trunk filled With Hibiscus

Last week my good friend and I made a quick trip to Kalamazoo to visit some of our favorite annual growers. We were both desperate to be inspired for the upcoming(now here) gardening season.
We were both having a hard time getting excited, was it the long winter, is it the cold, rainy spring, or are we both just overworked and tired?
So the quick trip was born, up at the crack of dawn, at the Nursery as they opened the gates.
Inspired we were, good deals were negotiated and a trunk full of Hibiscus followed us home.