Thursday, September 4, 2008

Christmas Gift Number One

With Christmas just around the corner and wanting to avoid the knitting rush of last year.
I have begun the 1st of many knitted gift projects.
This is Koolhaas Hat by Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed.
I found one error on pattern, the photo shows k2, p2, k2 for brim and I didn't realize until into lattice pattern that the lattice is not vining from ribbing. Now, do I rip and start over or continue. I'm thinking rip.
Will be on holiday for the next 9 days.
Away from phones, business, and computer and the blogs.
I will be waking up to the sounds of horses and the feel of wonderful lake breezes.
And will have bike butt by tomorrow afternoon.
You know that wonderful feeling you get when riding your bike for the first time in several months.


jen said...

oh, i love that stitch pattern!

and thank you for your recent comment. :)

Bambi said...

I love the color. Don't start over the mistake has character:)

Poppy said...

I would leave it just as it is, knowing you, you will not be happy with the errors and will want to rip it out.

Miss you but know your having a great time. Well, as good of a time as you can have with Dan. He is not really not the person to go on holiday with if you want to laugh your ass off. I'm just say'n

Jill in Florida