Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cabled Beret

I have long been a fan of Debbie Bliss, her patterns and her yarn.
So I was happy to find the 1st edition of her magazine at my LYS this fall.
A few patterns were chosen immediately for gifting, with the 1st pattern worked the "Cabled Beret".

When I first began knitting I had old fashioned ideas about cables. It conjured up old pilly, scratchy ski sweaters and the 1960's, I don't know...I didn't like them, I believed I would never knit anything with a cable.

I have since seen the error of my thinking.
I love fat, juicy, squishy cables! They are fun to do and do not give that old fashioned look I dread at all.

I can not share photos of the completed Beret for it will be a Christmas Gift.
The colour of this yarn is really a deep plum colour, and is a alpaca silk merino blend. It is just really scrumptious. I hope the recipient will be as pleased as I am.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow Rollers

I have shut down the shoppe for the 1st winter season in 14 years, but have been helping Dan out at the office. Last Friday I decided I needed a day at home, for I have been fighting the 2nd cold of the season.
The day started out great not too cold, but cold enough to feel good about curling up in my chair.

It started to lightly snow as I trudged out to feed the cats. (yes, I now have a mama cat and two baby kittens, more on that later) .

It continued to snow all morning, it snowed all afternoon.

Everytime Dan called I told him how much it was snowing, he continued to pooh-pooh my weather comments. It was not snowing in Berrien.
At 300pm I went out with my trusty yardstick and we had gotten 8" of snow! By nightfall it was 10"!

Saturday morning it started to warm up and then the winds started to howl.
I have lived in this area all my life and I have never seen what happened next.

"Snow Rollers" !

The wind was blowing so hard that the 10" of snow was being rolled up in cylinders.

We had hundreds of these all over the yard.
It was difficult to photograph but it was the most unusual thing I have ever seen.
They only lasted til Sunday morning, when we began to get rain. Crazy...I'm just sayin'

I promise a holiday knitting post tomorrow. I am very behind again this year. I am blaming it on being sick for 3 months.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Class at Red Purl

December 8th, 6p-8pm and December 14th, 1p-3p.
I will be teaching a class on how to take an ordinary Christmas bulb and turn it into an extraordinary "beaded knitted ornament" !

This is a fast project and is perfect for your left over fingering weight yarn.
This class will also teach knitting in the round with 2 circular needles and my favorite technique for beading.
You will have plenty of time to make several before the holidays.
What a great gift idea.
I know several people who will be receiving them.
Come join us at Red Purl on the 8th and 14th.

Monday, December 1, 2008


We had a very quiet and small gathering this year for Thanksgiving. I guess that is what happens when the kids get older and have other priorities.
My oldest sister's family didn't make it again this year. Mallory was with her boyfriends family eating at a Cracker Barrel in Kentucky. (don't get me started). And Drewsey left us after a token hour to spend the day with his girlfriend!!

I was thankful Connor, Em and Gracie were there.
The girls and I entertained ourselves taking photos of their wonderful shoes. We do love our shoes!
Con took advantage and slept most of the day, no Drewsey to play video games and or/guitar with. I don't think he was interested in the shoe photo shoot.

We did have a wonderful dinner and a great time with all that were there, my sister and her husband were gracious hosts.

two pretty brown haired girls.