Sunday, August 24, 2008

But it's Tradition!

Dan's nieces and nephews have been coming to the cottage since they were wee ones.
When the twins were little, Eliese loved being out in the boat it was even her preferred place to nap. Cesiley didn't want anything to do with it, so for a couple of years she and I stayed on the dock and made "pizza pies". This consisted of lake sand in buckets.

Cesiley has grown up and now is content to go on the boat as a first mate. Her true love though is turtle catching. She will take the paddle boat down to the lily pads and catch turtles all day.
This is "Todd", her first catch of the season. She was very sad when it was time to let "Todd" rejoin his family.

Another tradition involves lots of bubble gum.

After a long day of sun and water, there is always the night of the "biggest bubble" and "bubbles within bubbles" contests.

Always 2 pieces of bubble gum, "double bubble" or "bazooka" all of the kids and me piled onto the loveseat.

I'm not sure how long we have been doing this but I know it started with Ethan, who is the reigning champ. Watch out E, the girls are catching up!

Eliese and Cesiley will spend hours during the week just spinning around the dock poles.

This child has no fun in life, can you tell?

This was a shot of Water Trampoline "Gladiator".
Very intense, lot of screaming, shrieking and being thrown in the water.
Not sure who won.

The morning after...all the towels dry on the line for another day of fun!
It's Tradition!

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Em! said...

I love being at the cottage!! That was a fun two days!