Friday, February 29, 2008

Funky Bunnies

These of course are unfelted, once felted they will be stuffed & embelished. I can imagine many possibilities. Sorry for the bad lighting on photos, I was rushed to show you.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Plaidpoppy before she was Famous

My good friend Plaidpoppy made this wonderful doll. The recipient was a mutual friend of ours. Plaidpoppy now lives thousands and thousands of miles away. Truthfully, only down south, but it feels like 1000's of miles.
Before she so rudely moved south, she lived in a loft apartment behind the shoppe.
When we were having a slow day (winter) I would call her to pop down for coffee, she would always come, we would enjoy good coffee, conversation, music, and formed a great friendship.
I have been trying to encourage Poppy to sell some of her creations, start a little business, become famous in the handcrafted world. She could then fund her creativity, purchase additional art supplies, be creative, and so on and so on.
I will keep you updated on my success, keep your fingers crossed.
You all know there is a difference between handmade and homemade don't you?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Easter Basket

Easter Basket is knitted awaiting felting (fulling).
I picked up the stitches on the inside of the rim, hoping for a braided effect once felted.

Will begin bunnies tonight with this lovely Lorna Laces yarn, which does not show true color in pic, it is truly more robin eggy muted color.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Just spent an hour cruising through my favorite blogs. Must get to work sometime this morning, glad the "big boss" is out of town meeting with clients today. He so regrets getting dsl hooked up in my office. I digress....
Back on track. There is so much to inspire you out there in this crazy blog world. I am a flutter with ideas, and itching to get started. I may even have to start a list. I hate lists, I am of the firm belief that they set you up for failure, for we can never just put 1 or 2 things on a list, we have to bombard it with 20 or 30. And then we can never achieve getting all items marked off the list before we want to add more to it.

My list begins:
1. work up pattern for funky felted rabbits
2. dye yarn for funky felted rabbits
3. knit funky felted rabbits
4. think about basket for said rabbits

I am keeping it at 4. And no more.

New list after we see how successful this 1st was.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Socks - No. 2

This is my second pair of socks worked on 2 circs. These were completed in approx. 8 hours, that is per sock. These are for my pseudo father-in-law Marv or Marvy as I and only I am allowed to call him. I worked these up in a 4x1 rib and will be doing more manly socks in this pattern. Both Marv and Dan have very long, skinny feet and this pattern works well. Not too stretchy, stays put on that skinny ankle. Socks were also worked long in the cuff (9.5"). A request from Dan, who hates a short sock.
I also liked the colorway. I find most sock yarn too wild for the men in my life. I need to keep it muted and in the tweedy, gray, blue, black range. Any suggestions?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Wet Felted Flowers.....Continued

My wet felted flowers had to sit unattended for a day, while I got back in the swing of being off holiday.

Yesterday I gathered all my supplies and decided this lovely belongs on this unfinished felted bag. I thought the bag complimented the flower quite well, the bag needs to be completed, it is in need of purse feet, lining, closures, handles, etc, etc. I will choose a lining that brings out that bright blue and tie it all together. Rather looking forward to it.

I may have gone overboard on beading, it looked fine until I posted this photo.....comments please.

to this I added 3 felted leaves and a beaded stamen, am still working out how to add pistals, I tried beads on beading thread, too droopy, tried beading wire couldn't get beads to stay where I wanted them, (do I need a crimping bead?). Even dusted off my old embroidery skills and added french knots, how fun!

Must get more roving to do more!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wet Felted Flowers

Project: Wet Felted Flowers.
Pros: Highly addictive, love a project that can be completed quickly. Great workout for your flabceps (you know that extra jiggly bit under your arms, that I do not have). Unlimited possibilities and uses.
Cons: Highly additctive. Not any room left for additional craft supplies

Loved it!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Yes, Heidi it's True

The interesting thing about being on holiday, now officially a mini break since I have extended my stay for 2 additional days, is that you experience new things.  You do things you never in a million years could imagine.  You sometimes become a person you would not recognize.  You go to a FLEA MARKET.
Not that I believe flea markets should be avoided, I sometime covet items procured there.  I admire items found that can not and should not be duplicated in mass markets.  It is just that I have issues with grime, clutter, questionable body odor, etc, etc.  It is difficult when not breathing to find treasures amongst the junk.

Much to my surprise, I purchased; 1 pair of rhinestone buttons, perfect for Meggie's baby pink capelet, a lovely rhinestone brooch, and a beautiful tablecloth.  All for $20.00!

Travel size Hand Sanitizer was liberally used.


Two days at the beach with beautiful sunny skies.  
Gale force winds yesterday at Melbourne, solved with a quick trip to Lowes, 20 dollars in supplies, a empty parking lot, and eight yards of fabric.  Our wind break was successful, a few details to work out, due to 20 mile a hour winds which broke 1 stake.

Our wind screen failed to protect us from Mr. Post Middle Aged Speedo who wanted to chat us up.  Thankfully, he did not have a wind screen and he couldn't take the natural microdermabrasion for long.  Ta Ta Mr. Speedo!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

On Holiday

First Day of Holiday.
Dining el fresco in the warm southern sun.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Knitted Beaded Ornaments

I made quite of few of these right around the holidays. Pattern was designed to use your left over sock yarn. Unfortunately, I never have enough sock yarn left, for I make most socks for a long, skinny, footed man. I have not been able to post this, for these are gifts for Jill and Paige. Since I am now in Florida visting and the gifts have been gifted I can post about it. The pattern is from, embellished a bit with beads. Ask for info on knitting with beads, for once started, this can be quite addictive. Would be happy to share the lessons I have learned.
I tend to use Claudias Handpainted Fingerling Weight for these, I love the sheen and feel of the yarn. It slips effortlessly on the small needles.

Start planning for the next holiday season.

Monday, February 4, 2008


Never again will I knit socks on double points. I gave it a good try, completed 1 of a pair, then discovered working with 2 circular needles when the pattern calls for double points. Not that I minded the double points, they did not seem that awkward. I just tend to get laddering when working between needles. On 2 circs your work flies, in just a few hours(while watching Jane Austen, I must add) I was able to get to the heel turn on this sock.
I am completing 2 tasks with this project, a pair of socks for Marvy ( my pseudo father in law) and teaching Jill how to knit socks. I plan on showing her the heel turn, while on "holiday"!. It is on our list of fun things to do in 6 days! or is it 8 days,10, 11, 22?

Friday, February 1, 2008

Hand Maiden

Took a quick trip to my new local yarn shoppe, with my knitting friend last night and discovered Hand Maiden Grande Godiva!!! This Yarn is scrumptious, a blend of 50% silk 50% wool. The hand feel and sheen is unbelieveable. The colorway is much deeper than shows on pic. It begs to be touched. It is also quite costly, was only able to treat myself because Wendy was kind with a Gift Cert. Deciding what is worthy to make with it might be a challenge. Brought it home with Dashing in mind. See another great pattern by Cheryl Niamath. But Dan insists I make something for myself. Must ponder this for awhile.