Friday, April 24, 2009

Ira Glass

We went to the live broadcast of "This American Life" last night.
This was a live presentation of my favorite PRI radio show that was shown in movie theatres across the country.

It was the best and quickest 90 minutes I can remember ever having.
I did not want it to end.
When Ira Glass was ending the show with the credits I looked at Dan and said....I don't want it to be over.

It was announced that they will be rebroadcasting it on May 7th.
go to This American Life for more info.

Don't miss it!

Ira Glass, what can I say. ummm....tasty!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hello Bunnies!

After their photo shoot the bunnies all found new homes.

This one reminds me of 'Rabbit' from Winnie the Poo. Something about the expression and the elongated body. Papa always called Mallory, Mallory Rabbit when she was a wee one so, this went home with her.

Just a few of the eggs.

Happy Easter everyone!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bunnies Revisted

After the great success of the Von Tropp Family of Easter Bunnies last year, I decided to make bunnies again for the nieces.
Different pattern, different style, I think just as fun.

I wanted them decidedly different from last year. This pattern allows for 2 bunnies, one sitting and one standing.
As of last night 2 sitting bunnies are finished.

A little embroidery, a little beading, a little needle felting and the bunnies come to life.

This guy is a little timid and didn't want to face the camera early in the morning.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Knitting Friend

Last Friday Cali and Cody came into work with Wendy.
They had no school for some reason and during tax season Dan can not function with out Wendy, so the kids come into work with her.

Wendy sets them up in the conference room with dvd's to watch and usually something crafty for Cali.

Dan (whom Cali thinks never says no)always buys pizza for lunch.
So it is a fun day for all of us.

While eating lunch, Cali found her way back to my office, (is it because it's the only place not strewn with papers, or that my desk is always clean of clutter?) we ate our lunch, chatted, and knit.

Cali has been knitting for a couple of months now, she hasn't wanted to purl yet, but the child has the knit stitch down.

She was making wrist warmers, and was at the point to cast off. I showed her how to do the 1st 2 stitches and she completed the cast off all by herself. She is a fast learner that Cali.

Monday morning I received this little package.

It said: to: Leisa, love Cali, I hope you love it!, I did it by myself!
Clue: It is Knitted!

I love a girl who knows when to use an exclamation point!

In the package was this cute little basket.
She had the yarn with her on Friday and I had commented that it would make a great Easter Basket.

My work here is done.