Monday, February 23, 2009

EZ Snail Hat

A classic pattern from Elizabeth Zimmerman.

The Snail Hat was fun and easy to knit.

It was enjoyable to take a break and knit a easy project that can be finished in one night.
Especially if said project looks much more complicated than it is.
And that my friends, is the joy of Elizabeth Zimmerman.

I keep thinking that my grandmother used to receive her newsletters, wouldn't it be a hoot if I could find them!!!

Next EZ pattern to try....the ever popular Surprise Baby Jacket.

Small Hat: worked as written on size 11, Rowan Big Wool, 18 rounds worked before decreasing.
Large Hat: worked as written on size 13, Rowan Big Wool, 18 rounds worked before decreasing.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Side Slip Complete

Say "hello" to Ethel, our new recylced glass head from Pier I.
Ethel will be invaluable for blocking all those hats created during the on going hat fever.
And she was a steal at only $15.00!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hat Fever

I don't know if it is the never ending winter or just a love of knitting hats.
Or, is it the talented patterns in Boutique Knits that is driving this rage?

Saturday I cast on for Side Slip Cloche.
Worked pattern with a new to me yarn.
Mirasol Tupa a 50/50 merino silk blend, colourway 810 Deep Auburn, a rich, deep, earthy brownish red.

This yarn is luscious to work with great stitch definition.

Finished last night and hat is now blocking to achieve that desired Cloche look.

It will reside in the stash of Christmas Gifts to give this year.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Hat Swap

Ok, how fun is this.
Red Purl my favorite LYS, hosted a hat swap this last Friday.
I believe there were at least 12 participants.

I swapped my Sideways Grande even though my intentions were to make an entirely different hat while in Florida.

With the pattern in mind I searched for the right fibre, but alas could not make a match.

I also wanted my hat fibre to have been purchased at Red Purl. Amy generously hosted this successful event and she should have reaped some benefit.

Or is this just the small retail shop owner shouting out?

Anyway, it was great to see all of the different hats rendered by some wonderfully talented knitters.

This was my first time attending the Friday night knits at Red Purl, and you can tell that group has gotten to know each other well over the last year. I felt a little out of place, but it was still a fun time.

I was so envious of the EZ Snail Hat (back row 3rd from right) rendered by Amy that I purchased fibre to make my own!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


This old girl is 13 today, a little more gray than that day 13 years ago,when we discovered her in our garage.

13 years ago my father decided that I was in need of an additional dog, my former black lab (Daumier) was struggling at the age of 17. So, he picked up Daumier for a lunch at the local fast food burger joint and returned her along with a new 9 week old puppy.

Daumier was pretty weak in those days and had to be moved to a lush apartment in our garage, when arriving home that evening I spent time with her, having no idea that there was a small black bundle of fur residing in her bed.

The next morning when Dan left for the office at 400am (tax season) he stepped in dog doo and had this little puppy attack his foot. He came into the bedroom to wake me with "there is a puppy in our garage, I have no idea where he came from, and I'm going to work".

As I lay in bed I knew exactly where that dog had come from, my father was the only one I knew who would do such a thing. In the coming days he tried to deny it but the truth came out in the end.

Dan continued for several weeks with the mantra..."we can not keep her, we don't have time to train a puppy, do not name her, no, I am not go to hold her".

He held true to his word, when all she wanted was for him to pay attention to her. The breakthrough came the day she fell in the water garden when he was doing spring clean up and he had to fish her out.

I like to say that she loves me best, but truth be told she is all Dan's and I blame him for all of her many neurosis.

Happy Birthday Toulouse(aka Toulousee Bella Vista, Lousee Girl, & Bella V), thanks for 13 years of unconditional love, you ol'foot lickin', high jumping, toast eating, black log of a dog.

Monday, February 9, 2009


When I first arrived on my annual Holiday with Jill it was very chilly down here in the south.
We did not let it hinder our fun, we still made our trips to Crate and Barrel, Anthropology, DSW, and IKEA.

Jill has also introduced me to her Wii and she has had great delight in my inability to drive in Wii land.
Also on board we are trying to knit a pair of slippers to be felted.

We explored Lake Lotus Park which is actually within walking distance, and biking at Turkey Lake with Paige.

Yesterday we spent the day in Melbourne(up at 530a!) for Paige had a crew event. The weather was beautiful and the beach was gorgeous.