Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yogini Bolero

Yogini Bolero Pattern by Wendy Bernard.
This pattern got off to a quick start and then vacation got in the way. I finished it this last Monday.

I had such great hopes for this, but I think I am a tad bit too "Busty LaRoux" for this sweater.

I may try again but with some additional shaping in the bust area. In it's current form it gaps, and truly just makes me look more busty. There is "common courtesy" but I draw the line at wearing a sign that says ...look at my boobs! That is what I feel like with this on!!!!

It was an enjoyable knit and I loved working with Blue Sky Skinny Dyed Organic Cotton.

Thanks Heidi and Ruthie who had to go to great heights to achieve these photos!

Climbing up on a old potting table, which promptly broke, Heidi took her life in her hands to obtain the only angle worth shooting. Thanks again.


Bambi said...

Yes my dear it shows off what Dan loves:) the color.

Em! said...
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Em! said...

Looks Great A. Leisa! You have a gift!