Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cottage Holiday

Cam's first dock start of the year.

There is a place I love more than any other. A place where I feel most at peace.
It is know by many names, but the one used most often is "the cottage".

My parents purchased this property when I was a teenager, and I purchased it from them 14 or so years ago.

It is far enough away from our busy lives, that we can not make quick return.
Our cell phones don't have service (pure heaven), the air is cleaner, bird calls not as familiar, the light is brighter, and the nights are truly dark.
If you are really lucky you awaken to loons calling.

I don't spend as much time as I would like there, but over the last 14 years traditions have been established.
Several weekends ago I spent time there with my sister and her daughter.
Next year we have to make it a week, Em!

Em on the dock, undercover from the bees.

This last week with Dan's Family.

Photo Shoot on our last day.

As the kids get older I hope that they will continue to want to spend part of their summer vacation at "the cottage".

I have funny stories and too many photos to share. So prepare for a play by play of the Cottage Holiday.

No knitting was completed on this holiday, but not from lack of trying!

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Who is the HUNK in brown?