Friday, January 30, 2009

Sideways Grande

Sideways Grande is a hat from the wonderful new book "Boutique Knits" by Laura Irwin.
I had some trouble gauging this and after reading on Ravelry I don't think I was alone.
Overall, I love the pattern, but I needed to cast on 10 less stitches, for a perfect fit.

Sideways Grande
worked in: Malabrigo Chunky (less than 2 skeins)
needles: 10,9,8,7's
rating: easy
satisfaction: ok, will wear, is super warm, fit not great.

I will be jetting off on Monday where I won't be needing this very warm hat.
And I can not wait!

p.s. It is extremely difficult to take a photo of yourself in a hat!!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Knitting ...New Knitting Books

I had to give myself a little break after Christmas to rest my hands and wrists. This did not stop the knitting obsession though for arriving daily in the post are wonderful new knitting books.

The above are just a few that have arrived.

I am in love with Boutique Knits!
I can justify buying a knitting book when there are more than 2 patterns I would actually knit. Let me just say I would knit most everything in this lovely little gem.

I began last night the Double Pleated Purse.
The pattern is quick and well written.
I opted away from the Rowan Denim for the recipient is not a really navy blue type.
Am subbing Reynolds "Saucy" cotton in a great taupey, khaki color.
This little purse is worked in 2 pieces and I completed the front last night.
Should have it completed by Sunday with all it's embellishments.

I can't wait to finish it and give it away. How fun!

Monday, January 19, 2009

On the Knitted Front

Double Cabled Socks worked on 2 Circular Needles
Needle size: 2
Yarn: Claudias HandPainted Sport
Colorway: Butter Pecan
Pattern: Double Cabled Sock from Kalamazoo Knits

This is the sock I will be teaching at the Red Purl beginning this Thursday.
I am looking forward to showing how easy it is to knit socks with 2 circs.
This sock took me only 3 evenings to finish.
I loved working in the Claudia's Sport, it makes for a beefier sock, but still with a nice hand feel.

Class participants will complete one sock by the end of the 3 classes.
Learning the easiest heel turn and heel gussets and leaving the class wanting to buy up all of Amy's wonderful new sock yarn.

I also think this colorway goes quite well with "Squeak".

Thursday, January 15, 2009


These are shots from my car on the way into the office today.
We are in the middle of a winter storm, 12-15" of snow, arctic temps, -15 tonight, and wind.
For those of you in sunny climes, add wind to 15" of dry snow, and you get WHITEOUTS.
The road I most travel on is two lane through farm land. Lots of open fields and orchards.

But, I always come to this spot in the road and everyday, no matter what the weather I say to myself, this has to be the prettiest spot on earth.

If you look really hard up the hill to the can just see the "edge of the world".

Monday, January 12, 2009

Masterpiece Theatre

"Did it ever strike your mind that what every woman says some women may feel"
Tess Durbyfield in "Tess of the d'Urbervilles"

When watching tv (and knitting) I most look forward to Sunday evening and Masterpiece Theatre.
The last 2 Sundays were spent deeply engrossed in "Tess of the d'Urbervilles".

If you missed this wonderful production, you can watch for a limited time on

And this Sunday a new edition of "Wuthering Heights".
Masterpiece Theatre and the BBC ....they are good things!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Two Weeks Off

Wonderful things happen when you get 2 weeks off for the first time in 14 years.

Getting to spend time with your families for the holidays, and shopping with your grown up nieces!

I am not a shopper by any account, I rank it up there with getting your annual physical. But, when the girls needed hair supplies and I needed yarn, and everything is so deeply discounted due to the economy and stores overbuying, we jumped in the car and went for it. (how is that for a run on sentence)

Mallory, Gracie and I first hit the local shopping area in South Bend, got both set with all the professional hair products they wanted. Though Mallory has since decided she wanted what Gracie got. Big Sisters that's all I can say.

We also hit Barnes and Noble twice, (thanks Dan) and the Super Target. By that time I was shopped out .

Lori, Em and I did our annual trip to Grandville on New Years Day. I tried to find clothes for Dan, and did buy a few, but alas, will be returning most of them. Did I mention I hate returning items more than shopping for them? We had a great time, especially at Gap Body.

Then a good friend of ours had his first baby on 12/30 and I had to start right away on a knitted baby gift.

Gracie and I headed to Holland, I found yarn at Lizzie Anns and then another stop at Barnes and Nobles to look for a pattern.

While standing in the Knitting section, I struck up a conversation with a fellow knitter. She told me about a new yarn shoppe in South Haven. How thrilled was I, it is just 15 minutes from my house!

Gracie and I were able to make it there before closing, great little shoppe, wonderful owner and scrumptious yarns. Of course, many soft, squeezable, luscious, glowing yarns came home with me.

Two weeks off, pure heaven!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Holiday Gifting

Yea, yea I know this is a little past due, but this is my first time in front of the computer since 12/22.
Thought I would share photos of some knitted gifts, now that the recipients have received them.

Caitlin in her "Lavish Hat and Mitt's"

Gracie in "Cabled Beret and Fetching Mitts"

Mal Paige in "Ana" by Perl Grey and " Rumpled " by Handmaiden

Mal is still in her scrubs for she had to work Christmas day, she arrived 4 minutes after she clocked out.

Em in "Textured Wrap" and "Calorimerty"

The boys in their Hats

More details on all projects can be found on Ravelry under Leisa.