Monday, February 11, 2008

Yes, Heidi it's True

The interesting thing about being on holiday, now officially a mini break since I have extended my stay for 2 additional days, is that you experience new things.  You do things you never in a million years could imagine.  You sometimes become a person you would not recognize.  You go to a FLEA MARKET.
Not that I believe flea markets should be avoided, I sometime covet items procured there.  I admire items found that can not and should not be duplicated in mass markets.  It is just that I have issues with grime, clutter, questionable body odor, etc, etc.  It is difficult when not breathing to find treasures amongst the junk.

Much to my surprise, I purchased; 1 pair of rhinestone buttons, perfect for Meggie's baby pink capelet, a lovely rhinestone brooch, and a beautiful tablecloth.  All for $20.00!

Travel size Hand Sanitizer was liberally used.

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