Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Socks - No. 2

This is my second pair of socks worked on 2 circs. These were completed in approx. 8 hours, that is per sock. These are for my pseudo father-in-law Marv or Marvy as I and only I am allowed to call him. I worked these up in a 4x1 rib and will be doing more manly socks in this pattern. Both Marv and Dan have very long, skinny feet and this pattern works well. Not too stretchy, stays put on that skinny ankle. Socks were also worked long in the cuff (9.5"). A request from Dan, who hates a short sock.
I also liked the colorway. I find most sock yarn too wild for the men in my life. I need to keep it muted and in the tweedy, gray, blue, black range. Any suggestions?

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Poppy said...

Good grief Leisa it is time to shave that legg! Nice sock by the way!