Thursday, February 21, 2008


Just spent an hour cruising through my favorite blogs. Must get to work sometime this morning, glad the "big boss" is out of town meeting with clients today. He so regrets getting dsl hooked up in my office. I digress....
Back on track. There is so much to inspire you out there in this crazy blog world. I am a flutter with ideas, and itching to get started. I may even have to start a list. I hate lists, I am of the firm belief that they set you up for failure, for we can never just put 1 or 2 things on a list, we have to bombard it with 20 or 30. And then we can never achieve getting all items marked off the list before we want to add more to it.

My list begins:
1. work up pattern for funky felted rabbits
2. dye yarn for funky felted rabbits
3. knit funky felted rabbits
4. think about basket for said rabbits

I am keeping it at 4. And no more.

New list after we see how successful this 1st was.


Poppy said...

Hey where is the funky felted rabbits? I want to see them.

blog address please.

You still need to shave that leg!

Poppy said...

I wish you could come over and play again! I can hardly belive it has been a week since you were here. It seems like ages ago, how did that go so fast?

Em! said...

A. Leisa you are sure very busy all the time. You should sell things in your store. They would sell very fast!