Monday, February 4, 2008


Never again will I knit socks on double points. I gave it a good try, completed 1 of a pair, then discovered working with 2 circular needles when the pattern calls for double points. Not that I minded the double points, they did not seem that awkward. I just tend to get laddering when working between needles. On 2 circs your work flies, in just a few hours(while watching Jane Austen, I must add) I was able to get to the heel turn on this sock.
I am completing 2 tasks with this project, a pair of socks for Marvy ( my pseudo father in law) and teaching Jill how to knit socks. I plan on showing her the heel turn, while on "holiday"!. It is on our list of fun things to do in 6 days! or is it 8 days,10, 11, 22?

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