Monday, February 18, 2008

Wet Felted Flowers.....Continued

My wet felted flowers had to sit unattended for a day, while I got back in the swing of being off holiday.

Yesterday I gathered all my supplies and decided this lovely belongs on this unfinished felted bag. I thought the bag complimented the flower quite well, the bag needs to be completed, it is in need of purse feet, lining, closures, handles, etc, etc. I will choose a lining that brings out that bright blue and tie it all together. Rather looking forward to it.

I may have gone overboard on beading, it looked fine until I posted this photo.....comments please.

to this I added 3 felted leaves and a beaded stamen, am still working out how to add pistals, I tried beads on beading thread, too droopy, tried beading wire couldn't get beads to stay where I wanted them, (do I need a crimping bead?). Even dusted off my old embroidery skills and added french knots, how fun!

Must get more roving to do more!


Poppy said...

They look great! You don't need to crimp anything you just need a good beading floss and you might have to run it across some wax if your not having luck making it stay where you want it. You could also stich deep into your felt through the back side and then back again through the bead to make it hold. Some times I will got through a bead a few times to make it really tight, but you shouldn't have to. I really don't know why they are not staying where you put them. They look great I am envious.

Em! said...

A. Leisa This looks Fabulous. I would not change a thing about it. WOW i am impressed!