Sunday, November 16, 2008

Why I love the Internet and Why I Need a Laptop

Ok, here's the deal.
I knit. I love to knit.

When you are knitting you are first creating something, most of the time for someone else.

My niece Mallory taught me the basics, knit and purl, I must admit I got the knit right off, but I think she had to teach me purl at least 10 times before it stuck.

Then I took a few classes which increased my confidence and taught me how to read "Greek" a.k.a knitting patterns and terms.

Being self employed I don't have a lot of time to run to my local LYS. Though Amy at Red Purl is brilliant with her "working women" hours.

Enter the Internet....if you are stuck on a knitting term and the graphic isn't enough, more than likely you will find a video on YouTube showing you how to do it!

Even can e-mail a designer of a pattern to ask a question.

I did this for the 1st time though I hated to impose.

While working the Aran Isle Slippers I just could not get how to decrease and keep the seed stitch true. I knew it had to be simple, I just could not see it. (it was so, so obvious).

I bit the bullet and emailed Jennifer Lang the designer of these wonderful slippers, and she was so kind to answer me promptly and set me straight on the obvious answer. Thank you Jennifer.

Now I would not do this often, can you only imagine as a designer getting tons of emails asking questions? I can see how this could snowball!
But, I sure appreciated Jennifer's help, she was so kind.

This is why I love the Internet!

And why I need a Laptop with wireless high speed, so in the middle of the night during a knitting marathon I can log on and get the answer if I need it.


Poppy said...

I will mention it to Santa and have him put it on his list.

Em! said...

You deserve to have your own laptop! Well said paragraph! I like your thinking!
~Emileigh =-)