Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Turn A Square

a pattern from Brooklyn Tweed and the inspiring Jared Flood.

I have now worked several patterns from Brooklyn Tweed and love the ease and perfection of his patterns, I still feel as if I am a fairly novice knitter and Jared's patterns make sense.

Patterns still throw me sometimes, I want to begin this dress, and looking at the photo

it seems straightforward, reading the pattern though, confusion sets in.

It will still be my next big project.

Back to the Caps, these are wonderful for gift giving for they only take a few hours to stitch, I love the jogless striping, thanks Jared for the hint, and that the 4 raglan decreases make a square pattern.


Em! said...

Omy my gosh.....I love that dress sooo much! Can you say CUTE!
ttyl! My fabulous knitting Aunt!

Poppy said...

Novice knitter...Right and I am a novice overeater.