Monday, December 1, 2008


We had a very quiet and small gathering this year for Thanksgiving. I guess that is what happens when the kids get older and have other priorities.
My oldest sister's family didn't make it again this year. Mallory was with her boyfriends family eating at a Cracker Barrel in Kentucky. (don't get me started). And Drewsey left us after a token hour to spend the day with his girlfriend!!

I was thankful Connor, Em and Gracie were there.
The girls and I entertained ourselves taking photos of their wonderful shoes. We do love our shoes!
Con took advantage and slept most of the day, no Drewsey to play video games and or/guitar with. I don't think he was interested in the shoe photo shoot.

We did have a wonderful dinner and a great time with all that were there, my sister and her husband were gracious hosts.

two pretty brown haired girls.


Poppy said...

Love the shoes!

Em! said...

Cuteness & fun!

Bambi said...

Where did they get their shoes? :)

Em! said...

Payless shoes place!...good store!