Monday, November 10, 2008

Emileigh's Runway Debut!

Emileigh wearing Deanna Ansara’s Avante Garde garment

My niece Emileigh was in her 1st runway show this past weekend.
She modeled for 5 Designers of the House of Moda.
The Designers are all student designers of Western Michigan University.
The show was far from amateur, these designers put countless hours and effort into not only their designs, but the overall look of the show.

Emileigh received first hand knowledge of what goes into a fashion show, lots of hurry up and wait, and then pure chaos!

Great Job Em!

She had a great time and I know she enjoyed all the designers she worked with.


Em! said...

Ahh...Thanks honey!....I love it!

Bambi said...

Oh my Miss Em you are stunning!
Go after your dream:)