Monday, November 3, 2008

Double Cap Revisited

Keanee's Double Cap

Worked flat as stated in pattern.
Hated having to seam this as you can tell I just don't do it well.

Keanee was by far the hardest model I ever tried to take a photo of.
This child just does not stop moving.
We all blame his mother for she drank caffeine through out the pregnancy.

Let this be a warning to all expectant mothers!

I miss seeing Keanee though, he is at daycare all day, not like his house cat brother Ian.

Click on photo to enlarge and check out Keanee's eyelashes, why do cute little boys always end up with these?

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Em! said...

Hey, very nice..Also I want to talk to you about knitting a hat thing...I want to try like a head band or something that like goes around your head and has a big knitted flower on the side! but it would be like a knitted head band....not like a hat that covers your whole head. It is kinds hard to explain. I have a picture of what I kinda want but I went your input because I have no idea how to make it!...and I know for sure you could make it like a hour! I will have to show you the picture when I see you firday!!! How exciting!! Tootles!
Love ya,