Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Travelers Pocket # 3

Don't know yet if I am loving this or hating this. I am hoping once the technique becomes more fluid I will at least like it. I am working on the last of the 3 patterns. Absolutely abhorred the 2nd pattern, had to frogg it 3 times, for I kept working a stitch out of place. Find after working 4 rows of 3rd pattern it is going much smoother.
Not liking the way the bottom is flaring out, I started this on 1 #4/16" circ, but I now see that I was probably pulling the fibre too much, am glad I switched to 2 circs. Blocking after completed will hopefully rid the wonkiness. You will find me tangled up in 4 skeins of yarn, 2 needles and a clipboard till this is mastered.

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Poppy said...

The weather is beautiful, Wish you were here!

Jill In Siesta Key