Monday, March 10, 2008

Busy Weekend, New Recipes, New Knitting Project

Saturday Morning Breakfast Orange Pecan Scones
or should I say Brunch, for we got around to having these about 11a. It is our only day off, and the only day in the week we spend together, not work related, so it is always a lazy type of day.
This was a new Scone recipe I tried at Dan's urging. I was very reluctant to try it, for I love the Scones I have made for years. Dan wanted to try these for they are made like puff pastry and baked individually. He wanted them more like bakery scones. I have to admit they were wonderful, but different. They looked so pretty I had to share.
Speaking of sharing, this dog, promptly ate a scone off of Dan's plate when he left it on the table to get more coffee. After 11 years of no people food the spell is broken. They must have been some mighty good scones! Notice her morose face, she is being severly reprimanded.
Saturday Night - Homemade Pizza
sorry no photo, we ate them that quickly, plus the kitchen was mess! Another new recipe and another success. Please check out the 101 Cookbook blog (in my favorites), that is where I obtained the recipe. Well worth making! An added plus, the recipe makes enough dough we have 4 more servings in the freezer!!. It bakes up as a thin chewy crust, pizza 1: tomato, mushroom, red pepper, cheese. Pizza 2: olive oil base, spinach, red pepper, mushroom,feta (my favorite)
Yum! That's all I have to say.
Saturday - on and off

Dan's brother Greg called last week and wanted to know if I could knit him a hat. He wanted it, his words, like a Jewish hat but a little bigger. This is what I came up with, in the requested Rockford School Colors. It took me 7.23 hours (Dan made me keep track) and he is billing Greg $300.00. I keep trying to tell him, we don't knit because it is cheaper, we knit, because we love to create, and it keeps us sane when we have to live with scone stealing dogs, and people who do "math".
Whew! That was my weekend!
As requested the scone recipe can be found here:
login required for this website so.....access, sign up, search for blueberry scones . Enjoy

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Poppy said...

It would be nice to have the scone recipe posted along with the lovely photo...