Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bunnie No. 2 "Frederick"

These are fun and should I say rather addictive? 2 tries on the Top Hat, my best critic, Dan advised that the 1st attempt was too short and rather girly. I'm fairly pleased with the 2nd attempt.

I keep leaving off a mouth, for I have not been happy with any attempts. Sometimes less is more, correct? Thoughts, comments, directions, critiques, all are welcome!!


Poppy said...

Love the bunny! Hat is great. Leave of the mouth. Love the bow. Make more and send 5 to me. Stacy will hate the name of this bunny, being the name of one of my boyfriends in high school. Speaking of french boyfriends you could also try to knit a small beret and felt it too. Ohhh fun! ooh la la!

Oui, oui! C'est une grande idée. Mais vous n'avez pas su que tous les lapins sont Français. Cela expliquerait pourquoi il y a tant de lapins.

Je suis énonciation juste!

Poppy said...

J'aime également le lapin avec hors de la bouche. Elle ajoute plus de whimsey.

Je suis énonciation juste !