Monday, March 17, 2008

First Fair Isle Project

I have been wanting to try colorwork, stranding, Fair Isle or whatever you want to call it, for awhile now.

So, I am taking a class at "Red Purl" with Amy the owner, whom I have decided could be a kindred spirit. The class is fun and very laid back, which I appreciate. Past knitting classes have made me "overheat" when learning something new, but not at Red Purl. Love the shoppe, loved the class.

Now on to my ability to do colorwork. Let me put it right out there, I will conquer this, but I am so not left handed and I will have to work at correcting my tension when picking up with my left hand. Amy says it will come with time, but so far I do not like the look of this sloppy knitting, but do like the colors. Completed this project will be a small pocketbook, with 3 different colorway patterns. OH MY!

Will also be working this week on some felted Easter Eggs, (never too early, always too late), when my left hand just wants to give up and get back to just holding the needle.

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Poppy said...

Hey can you show how the back looks? Looks great from the front Just want to get an idea how the back should look.