Friday, March 21, 2008

Travelers Pocket #2

I believe I must call this Stranding Work and not Fair Isle for I was informed that Fair Isle is only worked with 2 colors. Anyway, this completes the 1st of 3 patterns on this pocket bag. Pattern 2 adds a additional color. The work has begun to flow a little easier, but I still need to concentrate on the pattern more so I do not have to backtrack. (yes I have had to take out a few rows now and then for the pattern gets off a stitch.)

This is how the back of the work looks, I am supposed to weave every other stitch, but at this time can only weave with my left hand working yarn, so in some areas the is more stranding visable.
The Pattern being worked is "A Travelers Pocket" from Piecework Magazine summer 2004.

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Poppy said...

ooh, Very nice! Thanks for showing the back. It is neat and clean on the back.