Monday, January 5, 2009

Holiday Gifting

Yea, yea I know this is a little past due, but this is my first time in front of the computer since 12/22.
Thought I would share photos of some knitted gifts, now that the recipients have received them.

Caitlin in her "Lavish Hat and Mitt's"

Gracie in "Cabled Beret and Fetching Mitts"

Mal Paige in "Ana" by Perl Grey and " Rumpled " by Handmaiden

Mal is still in her scrubs for she had to work Christmas day, she arrived 4 minutes after she clocked out.

Em in "Textured Wrap" and "Calorimerty"

The boys in their Hats

More details on all projects can be found on Ravelry under Leisa.

1 comment:

Em! said...

Good work Aunt Leisa! Thank you very much for the hat and the fabulous other garment! They are impeccably made! Great pictures also!....I only have on problem. Audrey's head is cut off...poor poor Audrey Hepburn! =-)