Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cabled Beret

I have long been a fan of Debbie Bliss, her patterns and her yarn.
So I was happy to find the 1st edition of her magazine at my LYS this fall.
A few patterns were chosen immediately for gifting, with the 1st pattern worked the "Cabled Beret".

When I first began knitting I had old fashioned ideas about cables. It conjured up old pilly, scratchy ski sweaters and the 1960's, I don't know...I didn't like them, I believed I would never knit anything with a cable.

I have since seen the error of my thinking.
I love fat, juicy, squishy cables! They are fun to do and do not give that old fashioned look I dread at all.

I can not share photos of the completed Beret for it will be a Christmas Gift.
The colour of this yarn is really a deep plum colour, and is a alpaca silk merino blend. It is just really scrumptious. I hope the recipient will be as pleased as I am.


Poppy said...

I bet this will be lovely! Miss you being at GW! I can't wait until Feb!

Jill in Florida

jenniferlang said...

it looks lovely! what yarn are you using? I couldn't find the alpaca silk aran in my lys', so I've been putting off making this beret.