Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow Rollers

I have shut down the shoppe for the 1st winter season in 14 years, but have been helping Dan out at the office. Last Friday I decided I needed a day at home, for I have been fighting the 2nd cold of the season.
The day started out great not too cold, but cold enough to feel good about curling up in my chair.

It started to lightly snow as I trudged out to feed the cats. (yes, I now have a mama cat and two baby kittens, more on that later) .

It continued to snow all morning, it snowed all afternoon.

Everytime Dan called I told him how much it was snowing, he continued to pooh-pooh my weather comments. It was not snowing in Berrien.
At 300pm I went out with my trusty yardstick and we had gotten 8" of snow! By nightfall it was 10"!

Saturday morning it started to warm up and then the winds started to howl.
I have lived in this area all my life and I have never seen what happened next.

"Snow Rollers" !

The wind was blowing so hard that the 10" of snow was being rolled up in cylinders.

We had hundreds of these all over the yard.
It was difficult to photograph but it was the most unusual thing I have ever seen.
They only lasted til Sunday morning, when we began to get rain. Crazy...I'm just sayin'

I promise a holiday knitting post tomorrow. I am very behind again this year. I am blaming it on being sick for 3 months.


Bambi said...

How cool! Need to send photo and story to Weather Channel.

Poppy said...

I have never see that. too cool. hope your feeling tip top soon! I had another Etsy sale tonight. later...

Jill in Florida

Ps it was in the 80's today

Em! said...

That is awesome! I have never even heard of that?! =-)