Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Perfect Christmas Gift for Dan

This photo was taken late in October. The Coho Salmon were running and Dan treated his nieces and newphews to one of his special "adventures". They walked the creek in the back of his parents house, through the woods, over fallen logs, seeing and experiencing many outdoorsy things. This pic was snapped on the walk back to the house, after the 2 hour adventure.

When Dan received this from Ethan and Cesiley for Christmas, he turned and said,"this is all the present I needed".

I framed the photo and it now hangs by a tack in the drywall in his office lobby. It is just that special

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Poppy said...

Okay I will have to say that this is one of those few and far between moments that might give us a clue why your with this guy. A small clue. A very very small clue. Wheat grass drinking, squirrel shooting, hole digging, twisting and pulling, chambray sporting, tax doing, nubbin wearing, knows too much about wheat grass Freak. I think I should stop now.