Monday, January 28, 2008

9 Years Old..Oh My!

Our Nieces Cesiley (on top) and Eliese (on bottom) turned 9 years old last Friday. It does not seem possible that the little 3 year old who wanted only to make mud pizza pies at the cottage is now 9! Asked LeeCee while she was snuggling on my lap, what she would do when she was to big to fit, and she said "do it anyway, I love to snuggle." The highlight of the birthday party, was when Cesiley came up to me and belted this sentence out in a perfect British Accent. "You smell horrid...have you been dumpster diving?" Not in any way inferring that I smelled horrid, but this is her new favorite pasttime, speaking in a British accent, (sound familiar) and this is the phrase she gets the most laughs from.

This child( the twins eldest brother) also had a birthday this month. Can you guess that he is 14?
And even with the goofy expression on his face, he is still darn cute. Or should we say handsome, don't you have to say "handsome" when they are 14 year olds?

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Poppy said...

and what 9 year old wouldnt just love to have a butterfly gift? Cute!