Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Are the Holidays over Yet?

During the last week I have been able to take time away from the store, and knit. Yes, knit! I got everything completed for my family's Christmas, but the LaCourts will not be celebrating until January 6th. I have 1 and 1/2 mittens left to complete. Yipeee!
I took 1 day away from the knit a thon to shop with my 2 oldest nieces, we had a great time, even tho I hate shopping and detest malls. The highlight of my day was a new knitting shop I finally visited in nearby Niles. " The Red Purl" was a wonderful, little shop, with lots of potential, I am thrilled it is so close.
It will be a great spot to visit, when company comes. Hint Hint.

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Poppy said...

Hey What is up at the "edge of the world" The end of the world sounds so "Second coming" It took me back a bit and I thought a bible study was coming...LOL