Monday, March 30, 2009

Sleeves...we have Sleeves...Attached!


Added little simple wooden buttons.

oh, and a hat to complete the ensemble.

so glad this is completed, because I then was able to whip out these little lovelies.

My first cupcake from the wonderful Julie at Little Cotton Rabbits, a order for 15 has been placed for a certain 9 yr old's upcoming birthday.

And then my Coopers Flock bird.
Please click on the icon at the top of my blog to read more about Cooper.


Bambi said...

I love the cupcake hat. Though I thought of strawberry ice cream with cherry on top first:)
Sweet birdie and then I cried

Heidi said...

For one quick second the "baby-sweater" caused a yearning for kid #4!! Fortunately I came to my senses as I have two wiggle-worms on my lap as we speak and I cant type properly!! Maybe I'll take up guitar instead... then you could knit me some "guitar-gloves"... c- d- e- f- g- a- b- c-


Knitterella said...

Love your creations! I just started the Harvey Kimono. I love the hat you added to yours - and the button detail - PERFECT!

Poppy said...

The sweater is the cutest I have seen. Great choice of yarn and the color is great! I want one.