Sunday, October 19, 2008

Treats for Me

A week or so ago I discovered these on my pillow as I was going to bed.
You may not be able to see it clearly but it says "treats for my mom" up in the right hand corner.
These were obviously a present from my dog "Toulouse".

They are my favorite thing to have with a cup of strong hot coffee.

I first discovered these treats as a child at my grandmother house, she and my grandfather always had bowls of Brach's candy at the ready.

As much as love the artisan truffles at The Chocolate Garden, there is just something about Maple Nut Goodies that remind me of happy childhood times.
And, I made this bag last 5 days.

The last time I had them was in Feburary at Jill's, she knows my weakness for cheap candy and all the horrid stories that go along with them.

Boston Baked Beans anyone?


Poppy said...

Paige and I pass some of these in the candy isle last week and we both still can not believe you love these. It is ok you can get away with anything when you say "It reminds me of my childhood" I use it all the time.


Jill in Florida

Bambi said...

Oh golly... I remember the same enjoyments of candy at my grandmothers. Hard licorice sticks, mothballs (had an almond on the inside of hard candy shell) and my favorite a sugar cube:)