Sunday, October 26, 2008

This says it All

I have accomplished nothing on the knitting front, feel like I am a month behind on Christmas gifts.
But you can't do much when one of your knitting hands is constantly reaching for either a tissue or the NyQuil.
This will eventually be a Double Cap for Ian if I ever feel well enough to finish it.


Poppy said...

Your working too hard. You need a holiday. WIll start looking for cheep airline tickets. I think a dose of knitting on the beach is in order. Feel well soon.

Jill in Florida

Em! said...

My poor sick Leisa,
You didn't look that well on sunday. Feel well soon my little honey...sooo then you can get back to your knitting! Being sick is not fun at all!

Bambi said...

Hey! I have been drinking the same thing the last two days..I am blaming grandparents day last friday and sharing my orange juice and pumkin cookie with 4 year olds:)
Could we plan to be sick together in the same state? Let's visit Poppy?