Friday, May 15, 2009

Sad, Hard, Week

We lost a dear friend this last Sunday, he was a kind and gentle man who loved his girls immensely.
We are all trying to recover, but don't know if that is ever really possible.

Please keep this dear child and her sisters in your thoughts and prayers, and maybe she will once again be able to breath.


politispittas said...

Life is…I don’t know. Sometimes I feel that there is mysterious harmony behind everything, behind our most painful experiences even but still I don’t know. Accidentally I found your blog and I read this very sad story. I will keep the girls in my thoughts. And next Saturday evening I will dedicate a song to them from my radio show maybe the Beatles “with a little help from my friends”. Take car.

George, from Greece.

(my user name “politispittas” means: politis, the greek word for citizen and Pittas my last name. So its citizen Pittas.)

politispittas said...

*take take care.