Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Bowl of Cherries Anyone?

Cherry Season began last week, my number 1 employee Meg belongs to a local farming family and it has been her job since age 15 to run the Cherry Pad. For 3 years I have quizzed her relentlessly on what exactly is the Cherry Pad. After a particularly long quizzing she said just stop by on your way in tomorrow. The child begins her day at 5am, and works for me from 12n - 7p.
Let it not be said that all young adults have no work ethic!

The above photo shows all the metal bin boxes she moves and fills with clean cold water. The bins are then transported to the orchard. Brought back full of just shaken cherries.

This show the what the bins look like straight from the orchard.

Then as Meg continues to flush the tanks, beautiful jewel like cherries appear. You can't help but scoop some up.
These cherries then make their way to market.

So we all can enjoy this!

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