Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Annie Modesitt

Earlier this year I found out that Annie Modesitt would be teaching this last weekend in Ludington. I desperately wanted to attend, but with the upheaval of employees leaving me short handed this summer didn't think I could commit.
Then at the last minute we made a quick trip to the cottage.(just a few miles from Ludington)
As we were approaching the exit I mentioned to Dan about the classes at Nautical Yarn and how I wished I could go.
As we pulled off the exit, instead of turning to the cottage, Dan headed to Ludington.
To make a long story, short...I popped into Nautical Yarn, they had 1 spot available for that evenings class and I took it!

It was wonderful!
Annie is witty, saucy and a great inspiration. I love a class that gets me excited about knitting. If you are unaware of Annie's techniques, she knits in combination style, which is a blending of western and eastern style. It makes for a very uniform knit.

The class was great, over too quick, tho I don't imagine she could keep up the banter more than 3 hours.

That evening, I casted on Wendy Bernards Yogini Bolero and am knitting in combination style.

All and all a wonderful weekend, knitting class with one of my favorite designers, a new pattern from another, and knitting on the dock at my favorite place.

where did that double chin come from?
oh well, the knitting buzz continues!

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