Thursday, August 20, 2009

No Jill, I wasn't in Wisconsin

We just returned from our annual vacation at the cottage.

How I wish we got up there more than once a season.
Counting the last 5 days I have been there at total of 8 days this summer.
Doesn't make sense when you pay the mortgage each month, to only spend that much time there.

Some new traditions this year included falling out of the hammock!

And Knee Boarding....yes, I did try it.
Got up and rode for oh.....1/4 of the lake.(all of 5 minutes, felt like an hour).

I just like to keep it real for the kids.

We didn't forget the old traditions though...
Plenty of "duck butting"

and a trip to the cottage would not be complete without at least 1 tow back to the dock.
We were having so much fun trashing the boys on the tubes, we....hummmm...ran out of gas!

Thank goodness of great lake neighbors.

This kind gentleman saw us stranded at the far end of the lake, came from his house and towed us back.
He didn't even bother to uncover his boat completely.

Of course, my favorite past time was shooting pics of sweet kids.

They are growing up so fast, Dan and I just hope we get to spend at least a few more vacations with them, before they figure out we are just not all that.


Em! said...

cute. A. Leisa you are very cool!

Poppy said...

You will always be "all that!"

Poppy said...

and Wisconsin is a state of mind so location does not matter...