Friday, July 17, 2009

Roadtrip to Texas

Every 5 years or so Dan's mother's family holds a Family Reunion.

This event was held in Texas this past week.

Did you know that Texas is in the midst of a heat wave, that they haven't had any significant rainfall for 3 years.
Did you also know that in the Texas Hill Country temps can reach 110 degrees in July.

You have now been forwarned regarding the perils of traveling to Texas in the summer

We decided to roadtrip from Michigan, we both love roadtrips, we pack the car, pack the cooler and head out early in the morning.
We tried to leave before dawn (it reminds us both of those childhood roadtrips) but we got away just as it was breaking.

It was my choice to what route we would follow.
I routed us via Springfield, IL so we could stop at the new Lincoln Museum.

This museum is worth the stop, it chronicles Lincoln from a small boy,

through his White House days.

We then grabbed a quick cooler lunch and hit the road to St. Louis.

My father has slides of the Arch being built, it was great to be able to stand under it.
It was in the high 90's and at least an hour wait to go up, so we opted out.

My photos of the Arch are my favorite of the trip.

The first night in Texas a party was held at the 4 Season in Austin to celebrate the the 50th Wedding Anniversary of the Boothbys and LaCourts.

One of the Texas cousins lives high up in the limestone hills of Wimberly, the photos don't really convey how steep, rocky and hilly this is. The bridge connects the house to the swimming pool and basketball courts for there is no flat lawn areas.

Texas Longhorns, what can I say. You're in Texas you must find some Longhorns to photograph.

It was a fun trip and great to see everyone, the Texas families were wonderful hosts.

And I loved catching up on my reading and sleeping on the way home.

p.s. Can I tempt you with a Texas dashboard taco? Anyone.... Greggy?

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Poppy said...

Looks like you had fun. Nice photos.