Monday, February 9, 2009


When I first arrived on my annual Holiday with Jill it was very chilly down here in the south.
We did not let it hinder our fun, we still made our trips to Crate and Barrel, Anthropology, DSW, and IKEA.

Jill has also introduced me to her Wii and she has had great delight in my inability to drive in Wii land.
Also on board we are trying to knit a pair of slippers to be felted.

We explored Lake Lotus Park which is actually within walking distance, and biking at Turkey Lake with Paige.

Yesterday we spent the day in Melbourne(up at 530a!) for Paige had a crew event. The weather was beautiful and the beach was gorgeous.

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Em! said...

Your a lucky duck!
P.S. Could you bring some Florida warmth back in a jar for me?? PLEASE! =O