Monday, April 21, 2008

Women vs. Men

In the 11 years of owning a retail garden shoppe, I have always enjoyed these 2 tried and true mottos.
1. Any 2 women can do anything a man can do.
2. We don't need no stinkin' men.
I certainly didn't start out thinking that I would only employee women. My newphew Drew worked for the last 2 summers and that is the only "boy" we have ever employeed. It was great the 1st summer, but by last summer he had totally lost interest and it began to be problematic to work for your aunt.
Which brings us to today...
It was my plan to add additional plant shelving to our courtyard. We began with 56 cement blocks, which Paula and I unloaded, carted and set up. We then hauled out of the warehouse some 1x6's all of various lengths, and colors. As we were laying the 1x6's , I was marking how much needed to be taken off each to make our new shelving even. Then I got the hand saw.
Paula remarks, "You are going to saw those off, why not just find some guy with a circular saw?"
I proceeded to saw each board to it proper length.
I then attached some electrical conduit to the wall with a screwdriver and she remarks " Aren't you going to wait for Dan to do that with a screwgun?" I just looked at her, proceeded, job done in less than 1 minute.
Paula has a lot to learn. I'm just sayin'!


Poppy said...

I love it when you where your clogs and your head band looks great. Your earring selection for sawing was spot on. Oh, were we talking about needing men... It depends on how long you want to wait for something to get done, and how many different ways you could do a job. Then you have to listen to what a good job they did and how next time they have a better way to do it. I'm just saying.

Jill in Florida

Em! said...

You go girlfriend!


Bambi said...

Golly that's a lovely green on the board you are sawing. Miss P will learn alot from you like I did.
One should always rely on one's self.
Never know when you'll be alone on a deserted island. That's why I always carry my carmex with me everywhere :)